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Pasta workshops

Learn to make fresh pasta with us in our kitchen

Our lessons are fun, informative and will give you the confidence to go on and make your own pasta. We use authentic Italian equipment and our organic ingredients are sourced both from Campania and Kent.

What you make you take away with you.

All equipment and ingredients are included.

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Simple Pasta Lesson £50
Approx 1.5 hours
Learn how to make and work pasta dough.
Maximum of 4 people per class

Filled Pasta Lesson £75
Approx 2 hours
Learn how to make ravioli, mezzelune and other filled pastas.
Maximum of 4 people per class

Pasta Lesson with a glass of wine and lunch/dinner £95
Approx 2.5 hours
We’ll make pasta together and then sit, eat some cheese and cured sausages, drink some wine, cook the pasta that you made and talk all things pasta. Max 4 people per class.