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Opening times
Thursday 9am-5pm
Friday & Saturday 9am-10pm
Sunday 9am-5pm

(Please note that these times are for the shop, not the kitchen)

We started Bottega Caruso a couple of years ago now with the idea to bring the food, wine & recipes of Campania here to the UK. Simona’s from a village Foglianise high up in the area of Sannio, an hour and a half hour’s drive east of Naples. When we first met, we’d bring back cheese & cured meats, pickles & olive oil in our suitcase, we did some supper clubs. Friends and family encouraged us to start a little shop… so we did.


Nearly everything in the shop we import ourselves. We buy from people we know, family, friends, people with the same ethical values as us. Our family produce wonderful tomato sauces, planting of the seeds in March, small batch preserving them in August. We buy the handmade cheeses, cured meats from Castelpoto that are famous throughout the region of Campania, honey from our friend Gianluca’s garden, even the flour that we use for most of our pasta we buy from our friend Donato and his Cooperativa Lentemente. We hope that you can come and enjoy some of the food and wine that we have, either to take home or to enjoy in our restaurant.

We are located in the heart of Margate’s Old Town, just a minutes walk from the sea and the Turner Contempory and we’re open Thursday – Sunday.



Tomato sauce

Where it all started. When we first met I travelled back to Simona’s village and had, for that first lunch, cavatelli pasta with salsa con pomodorini, a preserved cherry tomato sauce that Simona’s grandparents make every summer. I’ll never forget it. That’s when this journey began. Simona’s family plant the tomoatoes in their garden each spring. They grow completely naturally, not even being watered, just the sun, rain, and volcanic earth. Check out the Stories & Recipes.

Salsa semplice
More commonly known as passata, simply pressed tomatoes. Perfect for slow cooking dishes such as ragu, stews, even curries.
690g jar £3.95

Salsa condita
Ready to serve pasta sauce made by gently cooking onions, carrots, celery, garlic in extra virgin olive oil, adding salsa semplice and gently simmering for a few hours.
425g jar £4.75

Salsa condita piccante
As the salsa condita but with chilli .
425g £4.95

Salsa con pomodorini
Whole cherry tomatoes simmered with salsa semplice and basil.
1000g jar £8.00

Whole peeled & preserved San Marzano tomatoes
1000g jar £10.00

Sugo di pomororini del piennolo D.O.P
The Champagne of sauce! Piennolo tomatoes are cooked with extra virgin olive oil and basil
1000g jar £12.50


Extra virgin olive oil

Lina, Foglianise, Sannio
My grandparent’s neighbour Lina has olive trees in her garden and we’re lucky enough to bring some back here to bottle in Margate - have a look here for some more information.
Extra virgin olive oil, 500ml bottle £9.50

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Immacolata, Vitulano, Sannio
Immacolata makes a selection of wonderful sheeps’ cheeses in the mountain village of Vitulano. Her sons shepherd the sheep on the mountain and her daughters help her in the cheese room. Check out Immacolata’s pecorino in our Stories & Recipes page.
Simple pecorino £24 per/kg
Pecorino with saffron £25 per/kg

Zia Mariagrazia, Monte taburno, Sannio
Our Aunt Mariagrazia has a wonderful farm high up on Monte Taburno, Sannio. She makes many delicacies that people travel far and wide for including these cheeses.
Simple pecorino £24 per/kg
Ricotta salata picante £38 per/kg

Minicozzi, Padulese
Caciocavallo £24 per/kg
Caciotta £24 per/kg
Smoked provola £24 per/kg



Maio Castelpoto, Sannio
Castelpoto is famous in Campania for its cured meats and we have a couple of producers that we use. Pierpaulo and his family make these wonderful meats on their remote farm and have been awarded the prestigious Slow food presidium award. Check out the Stories & Recipes page for more information.
Salsiccia dolce £38 per/kg
Salsiccia piccante £38 per/kg
Capocollo £42 per/kg

Fattoria Muccio Castelpoto, Sannio
We also buy beautiful cured meats from Carmine and Giuseppina, their wild black pig ‘nduja is a wonderful thing.
Salsiccia dolce £38 per/kg
Salsiccia piccante £38 per/kg
Wild black pig ’Nduja £38 per/kg

Zia Mariagrazia, Monte taburno, Sannio
Zia Mariagrazia has her own pigs that live a peaceful life on the mountain.
Pancetta £35 per/kg
Salsicia affumicato £38 per/kg
Capocollo £42 per/kg