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Fresh pasta

We make a variety of pastas,
with different flours and fillings.


Simple pasta

Flour, water, a pinch of salt.

We import flour from the molino in Foglianise, as well as using wholegrain flours produced in Kent, such as an organic wholewheat from our friend Mark in Faversham, and a spelt from Luke in Godmersham.

In Foglianise and throughout Campania, Cavatelli is the mainstay of pasta. See our Stories and recipes section for an in depth look into this classic southern recipe and also for more information about the flours that we use.

Simple pastas available


Egg pasta

The general rule of thumb is 100g of flour and an egg per person.

We use a mix of two imported semolina flours for our Foglianise blend - a rich pasta with bite.

We use Organic ground xxx flour from Mark in Faversham for our lighter Canterbury blend.

We buy our organic eggs fresh from Blean Farm.

Egg pastas available
Wholewheat Tagliatelle
Foglianise blend Pappardelle
Canterbury blend Fettucini
Lasagne sheets

We also make 1200g family lasagna for no hassle entertaining.

Traditional with organic Blean Farm pork and beef

Vegetarian with roasted peppers, summer squash and smoked mozzarella



Filled pasta

We make a range of different filled pastas. Ravioli, tortellini, xxx, xxxx, and use fresh, seasonal and local produce.

During this season of summer we are making
Chard & Kentish Blue
Sea bass & rocket
Pea and mint
Summer squash and sausage