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Fresh pasta

We make our pasta & gnocchi fresh every morning


Simple pasta

Flour, water, a pinch of salt.

In the south of Italy pasta is traditionally made with hard wheat flour and water, eggs were a luxury. We make Cavatelli and Lavanelli but if you would specifically like these pastas it’s best to let us know in advance.


Egg pasta

The general rule of thumb is 100g of flour and an egg per person.

We use a mix of two imported hard wheat flours - a blend of organic ancient grains from Cooperativa Lentemente, and semola rimicinata.

Our eggs are laid locally at Coastal Farm.

Egg pastas available
Lasagna sheets

Filled pasta

We make a varirty of different filled pastas using seasonal ingredients

During the winter months we’ll be making
Roasted squash & Ellie’s Dairy goats’ cheese
Salt cod & olive
Sausage & broccoli